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Recruitment of foreign IT personnel

Navon Jobs can develop recruitment strategies tailored to clients' business needs and aspirations, providing the right developers for projects in the shortest possible time. Our success is defined by the opportunities we strive to create for Asian and foreign IT personnel. 

Asian and Foreign Call Center Workers

At the moment in Romania, the IT sector is suffering from a lack of manpower. One solution is Asian staff who have gained experience in renowned international companies, so if you need Asian staff for call center jobs.

Through the Asian and foreign recruitment and placement agency Navon Jobs, all workers will have papers and work legally.

Hardworking, loyal and responsible, Asian and foreign IT workers are the solution to the IT workforce shortage.

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Advantages recruiting Asian and foreign IT personnel

We are aware of the latest technologies, which brings us closer to potential clients and candidates. In addition, we explore all platforms and events that can increase our network of contacts. Responsible, dedicated and resourceful, Asians are the valuable human resource that will complement your business. With home country experience and training to the highest standards, Asian and foreign staff will really make a difference in Romania's IT sector.

We are fully streamlined with a customized recruitment system developed and updated, all to ensure that our clients' requirements are met with utmost rigor in the shortest possible time. Companies that have used labor force from outside the European community until now, recognize the increased productivity, seriousness and availability of Asian and foreign employees for additional work.

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