December 23 2022
foreign construction worker in Romania

What are the most sought-after jobs for a foreign worker in 2023 in Romania?

Romania is facing a severe labor shortage, a fact proven by the number of requests that Navon Jobs receives for employment [...]
December 12 2022
construction worker from Asia in Romania

Asian construction workers – solution for Romania's labor shortage

The construction sector in Romania brings more and more Asian workers every year. Satisfied with pay and working conditions, Asian workers are attracted [...]
November 22 2022
Foreign worker wages

What salaries do foreign workers receive in Romania in 2022?

In the context of the labor force crisis in Romania, more and more Romanian employers are turning to foreign workers in order to continue their business. According to the Western European model, the needles [...]
November 2 2022

New regulations on work permits for the transfer of foreign workers

In recent years, employers, multinationals, but also local companies, have indicated that there is no longer enough labor in Romania and that the import of [...]
October 26 2022

Chef's Helper - Call Navon Jobs for the best recruitment services

Do you need a chef's help? Navon Jobs is a foreign staffing agency that will provide you with the perfect employee as per your requirements [...]
October 20 2022

Nepalese in Romania - jobs offered by Navon Jobs

Navon Jobs recruits Nepalese in Romania for employers who do not have the required workforce. More and more Romanians prefer to leave their homes [...]
October 14 2022

Agriculture – Asian Staff provided by Navon Jobs

Agriculture is a sector in Romania with a labor shortage. Thus, Navon Jobs, a premium Asian staffing agency, is at your disposal [...]
October 3 2022

Navon Jobs in Dubai

Navon Jobs opened a new subsidiary in Dubai as well. Navon Jobs, a company that recruits labor from abroad, has expanded its search area. Navone [...]